Former Leftist, Turned Free-Market Education Activist
I am a walking talking billboard for why Christian parents must run, NOT walk their children out of government schools. A victim of the liberal indoctrination that is endemic in American colleges and universities, I succumb to the suggestions by various professors that Christianity was little more than superstition from humanity’s unenlightened past. Those same professors routinely mocked the historicity of Jesus and mocked the “fairytales” of the Bible. Having never heard of apologetics, I soon absorbed the idea that materialism was sufficient to explain the universe.

I went on to become an agnostic and then a full-blown atheist.

My escapades in liberalism run the gamut. Work-study at the university Women’s Center framed history through the lens of race and sex. An internship at Planned Parenthood, where I embraced the “me-me-me” culture of feminism and it’s pro-abortion mantra.

Finally landing on the board of the ACLU, my romance with THE LEFT, began to blossom. My roles include: Affiliate Board member, Affirmative Action Officer, Chair of the Racial Justice Taskforce, President of the Kansas City chapter and ultimately, a stint on the National Board in New York City.

My five years as a union steward taught me that socialism in small doses was okay, right?

A “divine appointment” and my curious nature lead me to investigate the scientific evidence for God. True to scripture, “seek and you will find”, (Matt. 7:7) Jesus revealed himself to me.

Deceived by the lies of Darwinist evolution, I admitted that intellectualism had been my idol.

Professing myself to be wise, I had became a fool. (Romans 1:22)

Finally admitting that it took more faith to be an atheist, I abandoned the folly of materialism and accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior. Amen!